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Solar Cooker Appeal

Since 2004 over 250,000 people have fled their homes in the Darfur region of Sudan into the refugee ca
mps of eastern Chad. Life is extremely challenging in a foreign land. For the past eight years women have trekked up to 10 hours each week across the arid desert of eastern Chad, defying the heat and the fear of physical attack simply to find firewood to cook, and feed their families.

It’s exhausting and back breaking work for women and girls, but more significantly, it breeds conflict and tension as they compete with the local Chadian population for already scarce resources. 

The solar cooker helps us avoid violent incidents when we have to go out of the camp collecting firewood.
Harnessing the power of the sun with a simple cooker made from sturdy reflective cardboard, a plastic bag and a cooking pot, means a family meal can be prepared, and left to cook by the sun alone — needing no firewood. Women and girls now have the free time to go to school and learn to read and write. They also enjoy better health as they no longer inhale smoke from open fires. 

Help us to end poverty and build peace with this simple yet revolutionary idea!

Is it true that people can cook food using solar energy? Sometimes, it is difficult to believe it, but after going through a demonstration, it becomes a reality - Meschac 


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£20.00 Thanks to Mr David Phillips 20 September 2014 Well done Dave. See you at circuits. Keep up the good work. Think of me as I plod round the Hereford marathon tomorrow. Dave Phillips.20.09.14
£450.00 Thanks to Anonymous 08 September 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Jeremy Roberts 07 September 2014 Hope the nipples hold up ok!!
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Matt Bywater 03 September 2014 Hi Dave, I will happily sponsor you, for this event. I wish you every success. Well done!! Matt Bywater
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Margaret Charman 01 September 2014 Good Luck-hope the weather is kind to you and you have a great run
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Louise Mackenzie 30 August 2014 Well done Dave, great cause, best of luck in meeting your target:)
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Jane Radford 30 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Simon Essex 29 August 2014 Good luck Dave!
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Karren Meggitt 29 August 2014 Run Forrest Run! Good Luck Dave, hope you have a good run.
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Debby Fogden 29 August 2014
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Caroline Davenport 29 August 2014 Well done Dave. Good luck!
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