Freedom to speak. Fair elections. Education and opportunities. 

When these are denied, people feel their only choice is between silence or violence. But we show another way. Help us to continue our vital work before Tuesday 29th November 2016 which is the global day of giving #GivingTuesday.

£30,000 will help us to continue to strengthen communities to stand up, and succeed, against political and economic self interest without resorting to violence.

Creating a space where divided communities and difficult governments can work together in a non-confrontational, peaceful way is difficult and expensive. But supporting this doesn't have to be.

How to build peace

Our work lays foundations such as education, skills training, sustainable livelihoods, negotiation, mediation and access to legal rights, in some of the most fragile and dangerous societies in the world. Read about some lives we're already helped to change.

We urgently need your support to help us to continue to do this vital work.