If we are to break the cycle of poverty, we have to educate our children. 

 In a community displaced by conflict, children are often needed to do manual work instead of being at school. They are forced to go without the benefits of learning literacy and numeracy and being with other students and forming bonds of friendship and peace. 

Education unlocks hope, creates opportunities and helps young people learn their way out of poverty into independent, sustainable futures.  

 Our education works forms four major strands:

1.Removing barriers to education
When female students couldn't go to school because they had to collect firewood, we provided solar cookers. When students were out of class because they had to trek for hours to fetch clean water for their family, we brought Springs and fresh water to schools. 

2. Promoting education
We facilitate brilliant discussions with parents and communities about the importance of educating children, especially their daughters who are less likely to attend. Support from the whole family is vital for students to continue their education and journey to a better future.

3. Supporting the education process
From teacher training to supporting the provision of books, uniforms, classrooms, toilet blocks and clean running water, we're huge advocates for keeping education going.

4. Creating education that will continue for a long, long time
We work with parent teacher groups to help them develop small businesses that will help generate income to keep the schools going and will not be reliant on aid. 

 Donating to Cord's Education programmes really help the lives of young people and their families. Donate what you can and we'll keep you informed of how you're helping.