Van Lambie-Nairn

This year I have set myself the goal of running 3 full marathons: Paris on Sunday 12th April, Edinburgh on Sunday 31st May and Berlin on Sunday 27th September.... Goodness knows why but I have chosen to do this to myself but I would love to try and raise as much money as possible to support the ongoing work of Cord whilst I break through the pain barrier!!

Last year I ran the London Marathon and you all helped me raise a fantastic sum so thank you. I am embarrassed to ask you all to sponsor me again but last year just knowing that so many of you had sponsored me really helped when the pain set in and made me determined to finish and I am hoping that you might be able to spare just a few £££ to help spur me on again as well help me raise valuable cash to support Cord's work!

I will keep you all updated with my results and will share pictures with you.

Thank you so much for you support.

Van x

Van Lambie-Nairn