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Cooking up Peace

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Risking everything to feed their family

Women collecting firewood in ChadFor the past eight years women have trekked up to 10 hours each week across the arid desert of eastern Chad, defying the heat and the fear of physical attack simply to find firewood to cook with, and feed their families. Since 2004 over 250,000 people have fled their homes in the Darfur region of Sudan into the refugee camps of eastern Chad. Life is extremely challenging in a foreign land.

“It gives me more time to collect water, look after the house and take care of my family.”  > read more...Reducing conflict

It’s exhausting and back breaking work for women and girls, but more significantly, it breeds conflict and tension as they compete with the local Chadian population for already scarce resources. The solar cooker offers a simple solution to this serious problem.

A simple solution

“Now I never miss out on lessons!”

A simple solar cooker made from sturdy reflective cardboard, a plastic bag and a cooking pot, means a family meal can be prepared, and left to cook by the sun alone — needing no firewood. Women and girls now have the free time to go to school and learn to read and write. They also enjoy better health as they no longer inhale smoke from open fires.

Give now to change a woman's life

Help us to end poverty and build peace with this simple yet revolutionary idea! Just £40 could help build peace and save lives.

Listen to the BBC's Stefan Gates talking about solar cookers

Stefan has first had experience of the difference solar cookers are making. You can also download the .mp3 at the bottom of this page.

Photos: © François Le Goarant for Jewish World Watch, Richard Wainwright and Annie Turnbull/Cord