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Djimie’s Story

Djimie is 45 years old and lives in Farchana camp.

Her village in Darfur was attacked by Janjaweed militia in 2004, and her family fled to Chad while she was being treated in hospital for shrapnel injuries. Djimie followed but found that her husband and two of her six children had been killed.

In Darfur, her family were farmers and looked after animals. In Chad there are few opportunities to earn money and she misses having her own independence.

“I got involved in Cord’s Solar Cooker Project at the end of 2011. Along with others, I was trained by another woman who lives in my block on how to use the cookers.

“Since then it has really changed a lot for me. I used to have to collect firewood four or five times per week. Now I only need to go twice, sometimes even only once a week. It gives me more time to collect water, look after the house and take care of my family.”

Watch our latest video of solar cookers in action in Chad.

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