Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country in transition. With the political situation stabilising, international sanctions are being lifted, permitting greater investment in civil society.

Many local organisations were created or grew rapidly, as a result of Cyclone Nargis, but are now struggling to redefine themselves and change focus as the short term relief operation is now turning into a long term development need. Cord is supporting these organisations to make clear plans for the future.

Human rights is at the forefront of the focus. Cord's strategic approach in Myanmar is to work in developing the way in which civil society engages with the government. At the same time we're including the handling of sensitive issues in the work of our partners, to continue the peacebuilding process.

Myanmar's people are struggling most with a structure for their society, so we've been working with the business comunity to identify key ways in which the economy might be developed. Through this long term peace is supported.

By sharing ideas and listening to one another, business leaders take ownership of future plans and corporate responsibility begins to positively develop. 

With its incredible history and vibrant people, Myanmar has a huge amount to offer to the world. A name will not shape the future of this nation - the people will. Cord is there to support them on this journey.