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Who we are

Cord's vision is a world where peace is fully realised.

Our mission is to be an effective partner for peace in Africa and Asia by working in societies affected by violent conflict and poverty, developing the capacity of partners to build sustainable peace.
Violent conflict causes long term devastation - the effects of which can continue from generation to generation. Violence breaks nations, causes poverty, decays civil society, slows social and industrial development, destroys economies, depletes natural resources and stunts the educational development of its children.

These, in turn, lead to malnutrition, disease, increased mortality, fear, inequality, broken lives and loss of hope. When we say that our primary objective is to create peace - we are actually addressing myriad issues that, if resolved, can quite literally rebuild these nations and secure the lives of their people.

Peace comes through people - it starts from within a nation, supported by voices that surround it. We can do this - with your help, with dedication, with our partners and with the strength and determination of so many, locked within wars that they didn't ask for and don't want.

It's about all of us - our responsibility - to build a peaceful world, for all of us to share.



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