Buy an entire Banana Plantation to help sustain a family for just £65!

The Batwas in Burundi are a marginalised community living in one of the most conflict ridden countries in the World. They have none, or little access to:

  • land
  • food
  • education
  • income
  • Bananas can change that! But how?

The humble banana is having a massive impact for Batwa families in Burundi.

  • With Cord they are getting to speak to Government about land rights
  • In turn they are securing their own land
  • Cord are helping provide banana plants for them to grow
  • This provides a source of nourishment and income stream at market
  • They can afford to send their children to school
  • Batwas are able to integrate with their community 
  • They are gaining a voice locally and acceptance
  • So go on! Go Bananas for Peace and help Batwa families.

Help towards supplying 150 banana plantations at just £65 each and when you donate we'll send you some bananas seeds to have a go at growing at home!