Bring healing to a country on the road to recovery

Following years of conflict and violence in Burundi, your support is providing practical help and psychological treatment to those who have suffered the most. These are often people on the margins of society – disabled people, women, and victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. 

Your donation will mean Cord’s team can travel to remote parts of Burundi and bring hope and healing to more people in some of the hardest to reach communities. 

Burundi is one of the world’s poorest countries. 70% of Burundi’s population live in extreme poverty. Life expectancy is only 50 years. 

Burundi’s Civil War (1993 – 2005) saw 300,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands escape to neighbouring countries. Another conflict broke out in 2015 when 120,000 were murdered and 400,000 fled the nation. 

People live with incredible trauma. Over half the population suffer from mental health problems like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. There is still huge stigma and prejudice around these issues. 

Help us reach more people like Pascaline


Pascaline and her family fled the devastating violence of Burundi’s civil war in 2004. During the four years they spent as refugees, her five children could not attend school. They had no access to the most basic needs and they were constantly ill.   

“We decided to return to Burundi, not because we thought we would be safe but because we feared dying far from our family.”  

They returned home only to find that their home and belongings had been taken. They were once again living in a divided community with a constant threat of violence.  

Facing poverty and instability, it was at this point in her life that your support made a difference. Pascaline became part of Cord’s project which works with women, children, youth and other vulnerable groups as they return and settle back into their communities. It helps people to: 

  • Set up savings and loans groups 
  • Access psychological support  
  • Learn about conflict and how to avoid violence  

Through this project, Pascaline became part of a Self Help Group where she was trained in conflict resolution and non-violent communication. She also learned about loans, savings and small business management.  

“My confidence and wellbeing have improved through training and support received from Cord.” 

Pascaline now runs a small successful business and supports her family. She leads five Self Help Groups which help to build a more peaceful and prosperous community.  

“With the other women leaders, we are proud that we can contribute to greater cohesion in our community which is still exposed to divisive factors.” 

Your support means so much to someone like Pascaline as she rebuilds her life in Burundi. Please could you consider giving today? You’ll be bringing hope and recovery to more individuals affected by trauma and conflict in a very practical way. 

We need your help to raise £30,000, which will pay for a new vehicle for Cord’s specialist team on the ground. It will mean they will be able to deliver more of this vital work to some of the most remote communities in Burundi. It’s an ambitious target, but we know we can count on the generosity of supporters like you to help us reach it.