Donate and stand united with the people of Myanmar

On February 1st the military seized power from the democratically elected government claiming widespread fraud in November’s election without any evidence. This is a huge backwards step and risks a return to the violence and brutality of the past.

 Millions have been peacefully protesting. The military have responded with flash bang grenades, smoke bombs, water cannons, rubber bullets and live ammunition. Since the 1st February over 450 protesters have been killed and over 250 arrested.

 Thanks to you, Cord has been strengthening and equipping organisations who promote and defend human rights in Myanmar for almost 10 years. At this most critical time, these organisations are playing a crucial role in the peaceful protests.

 Cord’s work for Myanmar’s free and peaceful future continues with our “Free” project, tackling ethnic and religious discrimination. The current situation means we have to pause our work for the safety of our staff and partners but your gift will mean that we can resume this vital work as soon as the security situation eases.

£25 pays for someone to attend our dynamic gatherings which build trust and social cohesion. People of all faiths, government and community leaders, discuss differences, learn from one another and begin to understand the issues they each face.

£50 brings individuals together who are working towards a stronger, more inclusive society. These Human Rights Defenders feel less isolated and learn from one another, becoming more effective in community building work

£200 pays for the expert coaching and ongoing support of those actively helping people to work together in a peaceful and non-violent way. These key individuals are playing a vital role and need our support more than ever.

 Thank you for supporting our work to make peace a reality in places where people don’t have the freedom to exercise their rights.