Cord removed the violence from my world by securing my home.

When conflicts escalate over land use and rights to a home, Cord has shown that a peaceful approach works. Across Cambodia, families live in fear and uncertainty. Since 2000, almost 800,000 people have been forcefully evicted from their homes.

For 51 year old Vanna, the privatisation of the local rubber plantation not only removed her livelihood but threatened the home her family had lived in for generations. Vanna and her community spent seven years fighting this injustice; but without success. She was intimated by local authorities, leaving her feeling scared and without hope.

Then Cord stepped in, equipping Vanna with the skills and confidence to work peacefully with the authorities and develop a relationship of trust with them. She has now been able to secure the land title to protect both her own home and those of 434 other families. This means so much to Vanna, her family and the entire community.

Please support our Christmas appeal for peace today with a gift of £33 which could provide training for a person like Vanna so that they can peacefully secure their future.

Historian, Broadcaster and Author Dan Snow will tell Vanna's story during our BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

Listen on the BBC Radio 4 website here from Sunday 26th November.  

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In Dan's words

Dan agreed to present our BBC Radio 4 appeal saying, "I'm so glad that Cord is doing the unglamorous work of going into societies and trying to ensure that people have got access to basic rights.

It’s the important work that Cord does, it lays the foundations of the rule of law, enforces basic rights, it gives access to justice.

Without justice, you can’t build, you can’t start businesses, you can’t plan for your family’s future, there’s no point entering into education, because everything is insecure. And without the rule of law, without access to justice, it’s impossible to move forward."

Personal stories from this community


Together with Vanna, lead her community in the fight for justice.

Local commune chief

Supported the community in their claim for land titles to achieve success.

Srey Neang

One of the 434 community members who now have land titles.


Cord team member in Cambodia who supported the community. 

One community's struggle for justice - watch our new film

History of Cord & the struggle in Cambodia

Cord was founded in 1967, by a group of people in Leamington Spa who were moved by the terror unfolding in Vietnam. The desire to help just one person, has lead to 50 years of working with communities affected by conflict, relieving poverty and promoting peace.

Not only does Cord support the wellbeing of people through access to basic services, we also address the big issues that sit behind the obvious needs: the injustice that keeps people in poverty and often leads to violence.

Cord has been working with the people of Cambodia for over 40 years. A country which has had a very difficult history. During the 1970’s, 1.7 million people died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. More recently, communities have experienced human rights abuses, corruption, intimidation, unlawful detention, and misappropriation of natural resources. 

In the 1990s, prioritising their own benefits rather than the rights of local communities, the government began granting multinational companies extensive economic land concessions. This has had a devastating impact, leaving communities in a state of uncertainty concerning their rights to the land upon which they rely and leading to tension and further conflict for these communities.