Peace flows through clean water...

Back by popular demand is our Spend A Penny Campaign to bring clean water to the people of Burundi and help prevent water borne diseases. All we ask is that you put some money in a pot/ box or jar everytime you use water.

  • £8 could provide one person with clean drinking water
  • £40 could provide a whole family with clean drinking water
  • £500 provides a fresh water spring for up to 100 people and trains local people to maintain it

Spend a Penny fun downloads
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36 fun ideas to Spend a Penny

Where Spend a Penny donations went in 2014

Below are students at Mukonko Primary School in Burundi, they used to walk 4km in search of fresh water before the construction of this gravity scheme. The scheme directs fresh water to the school.

The second photo shows a new hand washing technique known as 'Honyorukarabe' (stand on a wash) from our water and sanitation projects in Burundi. It works when one person steps on a rope and then the water flows so they can wash themself. 169 households already have the device and is stopping the spread of disease.

Please do set up your own fundraising page below to keep us posted with your fundraising and share tips with others!