You will have seen the escalating developments in Burundi where violence has hit the streets and suburbs. These are worrying and distressing times.

Currently our team of peacebuilders facilitating Cord's work around the country are affected. The violence in the capital Bujumbura, means their daily commute happens by dodging varying degrees of distressing images, and even bodies on the streets. Just imagining this for many is distressing enough.

Critical stages of work need to continue

We are right in the middle of critical stages in some of our most important projects and contact with the main team is vital. Members of the Batwa community are waiting extra days to receive the goats and banana plants which will feed their family and start their incomes. Water and sanitation projects are being delayed, which could cause disease to spread.

  • £5 could provide provisions for our security guards who are working longer hours
  • £10 could help keep our team connected by paying for the extra internet connection 
  • £20 could provide literacy and numeracy education for 5 people giving them the skills needed to be self sufficient
  • £40 could provide goats to a marginalised family allowing them a source of food and income
  • £65 could provide banana plantations to families to grow, nurture and provide income and nutrition

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Read Cord CEO, Mark Simmon's Statement here.

In the summer, when violence was rife, our then Burundi 
Country Director was interviewed by the BBC. Click below and listen to his account of life in Burundi during violence.