Donate today to help the women who risk their lives to care for creation.

Your gift will mean we can protect and promote the amazing work of women environmental defenders. You’ll be helping us to bring people together, develop relationships and grow trust. Please give generously so that we can build peace as we preserve the environment. 

£25 could train an environmental defender in essential leadership, communication and advocacy skills. Your gift could help one woman to encourage many others to get involved in this vital project. 

£50 could provide a set of books and resources to help women environmental defenders learn about the legal system. Your contribution could mean the women can work in the most effective way and have the greatest impact. 

£120 could enable four people to attend a community environmental action group. You could pay for environmental defenders to be trained in gender equality, meaning that the voices of women are heard at every level in society. 

£500 could pay for two women to attend a regional digital security event. Your investment could keep them safe and help to protect many others as they share the learning in their community.