Families in Cambodia are still recovering from the genocide which took place 30 years ago. Earning a living is not easy and Cord is working with local organisations in Cambodia to deal with the risks of food insecurity. Kosal and his wife moved to the capital in search of jobs, but were only able to earn $200 per month - barely enough to pay for rent, food and electricity.

Kosal became ill and unable to work, and so they returned home, and with the help of Cord's partner ODOV Kosal and his wife became 'Village Model Farmers' in Trot Kort Village in Cambodia's Prey Veng Province.They recieved a loan from the Village Bank and were equipped with seeds, chickens, agricultural materials as well as receiving training so that they could set an example to the whole village.

I am very proud of my role as a 'Village Model Farmer' as the programme not only benefits myself but also contributes to improving the living conditions of all community members.