Jacqueline Gakobwa is a 28 year old widow, with two children to look after. She’s pictured here next to their family mud home in the Batwa Mutaho Commune, Burundi.

She’s part of the Batwas, who are a marginalised community, and because of this she has little or no-access to land, education or resources. Cord’s Livelihoods programme works on rebuilding those connections, and giving families like Jacqueline’s the confidence, skills and means to generate sustainable income.

Jacqueline has been one of the first recipients of some Banana plants funded by Cord and partners. Along with plants, Jacqueline has taken part in agriculture training enabling her to cultivate her banana plantation.

“I feel hopeful and proud. I will be able to increase my income by selling excess bananas at market, and will use the money to build a safer home for my family that will survive the rainy season.”