Just the beginning

“What I learn from them is that even though they got the land title, their lives are still not so secure...people don’t trust the law even though they have their land title.” Read more

Inspire and motivate

"We hope this will inspire and motivate other land rights campaigners in Cambodia to take the same approach as Soucheng and others here." Read more

Understanding the sensitivities

“If you have land and shelter, people respect you. Without it, you have no dignity.” Read more

Our life is exciting and happy

“If we don’t have land, our lives will face great difficulty. So if we get land titles, our lives are very different and our life is exciting and happy.” Read more

Inspired to greater things

“So for me and my family, we are so happy to get this land title. I think that my family will have a brighter future.” Read more

Persistence pays off

How a piece of paper brings safety and a future free from fear, for a community in Cambodia Read more

Patience and perseverance

“Nothing is bigger than land...If we don’t have land and a roof to live under, we don’t have freedom.” Read more

Community banking is transforming family life.

"With this loan, we have been able to significantly extend our family business." Read more

Batwa and Building Bridges

“Before, it was not possible to imagine sharing a drink or a meal with a Batwa. Today, things have changed." Read more

April 2017 was a milestone in Soucheng's life

“Without support from Cord and CCFC, I would not have been successful today.” Read more