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Finding Peace 

Let me introduce this edition of Connect magazine by asking you a question. What does it mean to ‘find peace’? Is it a destination we arrive at or something different? When you think about peace, what comes to mind? An experience? A feeling? Are there times in your life when you have felt or experienced a greater sense of peace? 

Cord’s vision is a world where people can live in the fullness of peace; having the freedom to flourish and live free from fear.  Our work focusses on supporting people to experience that peace and the freedom it brings to our whole being. 

I have recently been gripped by the unfolding events in Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban to power after 20 years. Cord worked in Afghanistan in the early 2000’s. Many of you will be aware that its history has been punctuated by conflict. I have family in Afghanistan and have found myself asking what does peace look like for them? Many of them have only known a time where conflict is an ever-present, with IEDs (improvised explosive devices) as a standard part of daily life.  

As a Christian I am reminded of the verses in the bible from Philippians 4:6-7 that speak of the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. These underpin Cord’s vision and mission. From my experience this inner peace is beyond circumstance, it's not a destination but a transformative place of wholeness. 

Around the globe conflict continues to have a significant impact on people’s ability to peacefully go about their lives. An obvious example is the impact of the military coup in Myanmar that happened earlier in the year. It continues to create a volatile and unpredictable future for people, with no clear end in sight. At Cord we are continuing to strive, in the midst of conflict, for a better future for the communities with whom we work. This means supporting them to find peace in a holistic way that includes both well-being and physical security.  

As you read our magazine, please join with me in thought and prayer for all the individuals that we work with, that regardless of their circumstances, they will experience peace and hope for the future. I think you’ll agree that is something we all need, wherever we are and whatever we are facing. 

With incredible gratitude and thanks,

Andy Pask 

Chief Executive Officer 

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