Cord’s 50th Anniversary: reflections on Cord from Brian Wakley.

"The question that framed my first year at Cord was what is God wanting of us now?"Read more

Cord’s 50th Anniversary: reflections on Cord from Martin Lee.

"I was privileged to be part of Cord’s history where we sought to provide basic services to so many refugees."Read more

Cord’s 50th Anniversary: reflections on Cord from Anne Bailey.

"As a result of helping just a few, we have helped thousands. I feel so privileged to have been involved."Read more

Tackling the root causes of violence in Burundi with narrative theatre.

Using narrative theatre to improve community relationships and reduce violence.Read more

Cord’s 50th Anniversary: reflections on Cord from Lois Boullier.

In seeking to help the children desperately in need, their seed thought had been "let's not be put off by the millions, let's try and rescue one."Read more

From Stigmatisation to Transformation for Beatrice

“I am able to provide enough food for my family. When my children have eaten enough, they play football. That makes me happy.”Read more

Cord’s 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

An invitation to Friends of Cord on the special occasion of Cord’s 50th Anniversary to a service of thanksgiving, to be held on 30th September 2017.Read more

Summer newsletter & latest prayer diary have arrived!

New to the website is our latest newsletter, detailing our exciting projects. Additionally, our latest prayer diary has arrived to help you support us in our work!Read more

Khmer Grandma

As the Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia drop charges against an alleged Khmer Rouge official, accused of orchestrating some 40,000 deaths, there are two things that Cord is working hard to do. And we need your help now more than ever.Read more