Your support means more peace for more people in more places

Cord has worked with victims of war and conflict since 1967. Thanks to you, we continue to work for lasting peace, enabling people to live in the fullness of life, free from fear. Read more

A brighter future for children with autism in Laos

As co-founder of the Association for Autism, Viengsam is pioneering life-changing work for children with autism in Laos. Like any inspiring leader, Viengsam has had to tackle obstacles along the way. Find out how your support helped her to overcome them and achieve so much more. Read more

How do you practise resurrection?

Cord's Fundraising Manager Nick Thorley shares his reflections on how we can be agents of resurrection in our own lives. Read more

Ndikumana's Story

“The best thing about being part of this scheme is that I now live in harmony with my husband. We are no longer in conflict.” Read more

Peace is the Product of Justice and Love

Since 2010, March 24 has marked the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims. The date was chosen because on 24 March 1980, the courageous Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Arnulfo Romero, was assassinated. Read more

Help the women who risk their lives to care for creation

We have all been deeply moved by the recent events in Ukraine. We have seen the devastating impact of conflict, as communities are torn apart, and people’s lives are uprooted. In a world where it sometimes feels as though violence and division are only growing, our peace-building work is more vital than ever. Read more

Nick's Reflections on Zero Discrimination Day

Some reflections from Nick, Cord's Fundraising Manager, on Zero Discrimination Day Read more

The Connect project has changed my life

Keo's life has changed and now, thanks to his work, other people are having their lives transformed. Read more