Cord’s peacebuilding work dates back to 1967 and addresses the root cause of violence in its widest sense – conflict, intimidation against others, abuses against minorities (in personal relationships or between genders), physical harm and damage. These situations are prevalent in the fragile societies where we work. They are often deeply engrained in long standing cultural attitudes, beliefs and practices, or motivated by political or economic self-interest.

Human rights violations, access to natural resources, gender inequality and access to education become the underlying issues of violence when significant gaps appear between authorities and communities.

Cord’s distinctive is in growing safe relational space between authorities and communities to promote positive peace.

This requires:
• Providing access to basic services and opportunities.
• Reconnecting conflicting communities and governments.
• Inclusive decision-making.
• Breaking down the notion of ‘us’ vs ‘them’.
• Promoting and protecting the dignity and rights of every person.

We do this by:
• Identifying the root causes of violence and conflict in each situation.
• Working alongside in-country partners and community organisations.
• Creating programmes that promote dignity and confidence.
• Empowering individuals to form community groups to be heard.

People don’t need to choose between silence or violence, there is another way. Cord is inspired by the Christian message of fairness and peace, working with all faiths and none.

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