From Cord’s earliest days, we have tried to find simple and practical answers to support vulnerable people.

Today we create the space to bring people from violent societies together – reducing violence and building sustainable peace. Our Christian ethos firmly guides us as we work with all communities – of all faiths and those with none – as they face violence, opposition, mistrust, even the threat of death.

Please help us to support their non-violent actions as they create opportunities, resolve conflicts, and advocate for their basic human rights, leading to a sustainable peace. See our 2017 Lent appeal here.

As an example of the work we have planned in Asia and Africa, your support in 2017 will help:

  • 20,000 vulnerable people to reduce their poverty through increased income and livelihood security and more inclusive access to public services - thanks to community and indigenous organisations that will be trained and supported by Cord.
  • Over 60 cases of sexual violence in marginalised communities – otherwise liable to go unheeded – to be thoroughly documented, investigated and reported to local authorities.
  • Over 2,600 youths to learn new vocational and entrepreneurial skills ­- including skills in nonviolent communication and providing peer-to-peer support to victims of trauma.
  • Over 50 disability rights and community organisations to collaborate with Cord on joint peacebuilding and human rights activities.

Please help us to provide these and other opportunities to build peace in fragile parts of the world today.

Click here to donate to Cord's Lent appeal today.