2017 is Cord's 50th anniversary year and we celebrate and give thanks for the harvest – from the carefully tended shoots of vision and the gentle germination of ideas, to a growing landscape of peace. The original challenge was to help just one person. God knew that under His grace, this number would increase thousand fold upon thousand fold over the decades to come.

And even as we give thanks, we look to the next field, beyond. The new horizon, awaiting a new seed and a new hope.

A challenge from God in 1967, has led to a charity dedicated to relieving poverty and working towards sustainable peace in the world. This Harvest, we have sown 3500 seeds to our friends, our supporters, our prayer partners to see where God will lead in His new season of planting. We want to share just one story of many, from our work abroad:

The Banana Harvest

Jacqueline Nizigiyimana is 29 years old and has three children to care for. This little family lived in a mud home in the Mutaho Commune in Burundi.

Jacqueline is Batwa, part of a marginalised community in Burundi that has little access to land, education or resources. The Batwa community to which Jacqueline belongs, face daily prejudice, and because of this, she lacks opportunities that keep her and her family trapped in a life of poverty.

Cord has helped Jacqueline generate a sustainable income, by literally providing the seeds to grow a better future for her family! Along with banana plants, she has taken part in agriculture training and the income generated from her plantation has meant so much for Jacqueline and her family:

“As I am able to contribute to family income, my husband is now able and willing to listen to me and to discuss expenses. For my children, there is no future without education. I will continue supporting them going to school.”

Jacqueline has also been able to save and this has led to her building a new home for her family – one that is a huge improvement to the mud house they had been living in.

In a community that was once filled with tension, relationships have greatly improved as the Batwa have shown that with this support they are capable of earning their own livelihoods and they have gained the respect they deserve.

Please support our Harvest Appeal and vulnerable people in Africa and Asia, like Jacqueline today. Find further information on our Harvest Appeal, and to hold an electronic copy of one of our seeds, click here, or to donate click here.