Juliette Bucumi is a 56 year old widow, caring for seven daughters and daughters-in-law with ten grandchildren in a remote Batwa village in Burundi. Their home had no washing facilities or toilet, so they were forced to relive themselves in the open. There was no dignity for women, and the stench was so bad that visitors would not come to the house and no one would request a drink of water from the family.

Cord’s natural resources programme enabled Juliette to build her own private latrine for the family, starting with a slab of concrete. The structure is lockable and easy to clean and maintain. Now, the family are delighted to receive visitors and provide fresh drinking water for anyone who asks.

For Juliette, this has given her a sustainable source of peace and happiness, along with the 2,000 other recipients of concrete slabs.

“I lived with 17 other people, with no toilet! No one would visit us as the smell was bad, but with help from Cord, we have built our own latrine, welcome visitors and have had training on good hygiene practises”.