Across rural Cambodia, thousands of families feel insecure in their own homes. They live in fear and uncertainty because, since 2000, almost 800,000 people have been forcefully evicted from their homes.

In Eastern Cambodia, the privatisation of the local rubber plantation not only removed this communities livelihoods but threatened the loss of the homes these families had lived in for generations.

The community spent seven years fighting this injustice; but they had no success. Rather than allowing the conflict to escalate, Cord equipped the community with the skills and confidence to work peacefully with the local government and to develop a relationship of trust with them.

Now 434 families in this community have secured the land titles that protect their homes.

For Navy, a Cord team member, gaining the land titles is just the start of the process. It makes her sad that despite the success, some members of the community still feel powerless.

“What I learn from them is that even though they got the land title, their lives are still not so secure. It means that the community people don’t trust the law even though they have the formal certificate.

Navy believes that ongoing support is vital in providing reassurance to the communities, allowing them to understand their rights and the law – and the power of the certificates that they now hold.

The story of this community's fight will feature in our upcoming BBC Radio 4 Appeal, presented by Dan Snow on the 26th and 30th of November. To find out more and to read more stories from this community, please click here.