How one man learnt to make his family safer and happier

1 in 4 women experience physical and or sexual violence in Cambodia, which is culturally accepted – even by women who believe this is the norm. 20% of Cambodian men admit to rape with 16% of these being 14 years or younger.

Cord’s work with gender related issues partners in Cambodia with the Women Peace Makers, an organisation that helps teach women’s rights and gives both men and women the tools to become peacemakers in their own families and communities through training and workshops.
Mr Yon, was one of the men who went to some of our workshops.

“I was a violent person, I used to drink alcohol every day. After I drank, I would beat my wife…. Sometimes I wouldn’t allow my children to go to school and I often quarreled with my family”.

When we asked Mr Yon what impact the training and workshops had had, he said,

“After the WPM workshops, I decided to change my behavior and I now allow my children to go to school and use more peaceful ways of communication with my wife, children, and community to avoid conflict and violence.”

Some of the courses, training and workshops we do with Women Peace Makers:

• Empowerment + Peacebuilding
• Action Plan
• Target Areas
• Women’s Rights Protection Workshop
• Conflict Management Workshop
• Youth & Peace Workshop