Our ‘Spend a Penny’ campaign has been outstanding this year. You’ve all become captivated by the simplicity of associating the water that we, so often, take for granted. You've generously used your small change to make a big change so more people can access water.

We all know that water is vital to survival – but, beyond this, the provision of a clean and convenient supply has a wider ranging impact; on general health, the ability to access education (particularly for girls) and the freedom of time to develop communities both socially and economically.

Where your donations have gone:

  • 278 water points have been constructed 
  • Drinking water to over 52,000 people 
  • 14 primary schools
  • 3 health centres
  • 4 markets 
  • Local churches
  • 278 water committees have been created 
  • 2000 households have received the resources for hygienic latrines

Accessible, clean water provides opportunities for development, social standing and brings people together in ways in which we often don’t even realise until we hear the stories.

Read Pascaline Nahimana's story

She told us, ‘Before, I fetched water very far from my household. It was a one hour and thirty minutes’ walk to get safe water. After Cord built this water point, I now only have to walk for ten minutes. I go whenever I want and have safe water. I can only thank you for this project to support the population of our whole community’.

Water continues to be at the forefront of our peace building activities – we can never underestimate the difference that safe and accessible water supplies make to families and their communities.

Thank you for supporting the ‘Spend a Penny’ campaign.