Cord is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (iNGO) with administrative headquarters in the United Kingdom and an operational staff team in Laos.

Cord has 50 years of experience in humanitarian and development work with communities worldwide affected by conflict. We believe that people can only flourish where strong relationships exist between Governments, Civil Society and the private sector, creating a space for dialogue, dispute resolution and confidence building. This leads to more inclusive development, better governance and people’s rights being represented.

Cord Laos is a small and committed multi-disciplinary team of technical national and international experts that deliver initiatives to develop the capacity of communities, civil society and government. Cord works in partnership with a range of stakeholders and has a multi-donor multi-partner Programme.

In order to provide capacity development to Lao civil society organisations (CSOs) in the framework of the GIZ’s CEGGA Programme jointly funded by the European Union, Germany and Switzerland, Cord Laos aims at building a database of potential capacity development service providers who specialize in training and coaching focusing on the following areas: Organisational development, soft Skills and policy engagement.

We are now seeking Expression of Interest from individuals and organisations to be included in the directory of CDSPs working in one or more of the above-mentioned areas. Parties will be engaged on short term basis to deliver capacity building activities, trainings and coaching services to selected Lao CSOs involved in the CEGGA Small Grant Scheme. The capacity building related activities will be based on pre-identified and agreed upon needs and follow individual Capacity Development Plans. Those activities will be ongoing till 2021.

You can download our information pack here.

The Call for Expression of Interest is open to individual applicants and qualified organisations, including not-for-profit non-governmental organisations or community-based, private sector organisations with social responsibility programs, media organisations, for-profit training organisations.

Interested CDSPs are requested to submit an Expression of Interest form to make their interest noticed and provide the following information: 

• Your contact details, including websites, etc.
• Your area(s)/topics of expertise
• Relevant experience and Methodology
• Your fees

Please send the completed Expression of Interest and relevant information to [email protected] 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with a first evaluation closing date on 30th of October 2020. Please note only selected potential Capacity Development Service Providers will be contacted.