We believe education is every human’s fundamental right.


Arabia Adam, 30, a teacher at Doroty School in Farchana Camp, Chad beleves this too. She’s seen her classes diminish with fewer and fewer girls being allowed to come to class by parents in favour of doing manual chores. She also sees the emotional affects living in conflict can have on the children.

Cord’s training has transformed my career and my students’ attitudes to learning. I feel more confident as a teacher.

Cord's Education Programme

We identified that by bringing the refugee and host communities together, would help reduce growing tensions in the region. All children should have the benefit of learning basic literacy and numeracy skills, as well as forming bonds of friendship and peace with fellow students.


  • Provide quality teaching and training
  • Support families who themselves are uneducated and struggle to see the value in education
  • Promote access to education for girls
  • Support parent associations to generate sustainable incomes for the school and reduce reliance on shrinking international funding
  • Implement teacher training courses, incorporating leadership skills and child psychology courses to help teachers identify issues in these traumatic times
  • Collaborate with other local and international-organisations to provide resources
  • Reduce tensions by creating space for refugees and the host community to have peaceful and meaningful discussions about their needs

Mahamout Mahamat is a member of the Parent Association in Darfur School in Gaga Refugee Camp,

I started a small business with the help of Cord with this shelling and milling machine. I no longer worry about the impact of the reduction of International assistance will have on my family’s life.