Please give what you can today so more young Burundians can unlock a positive and prosperous future

Life for young people in Burundi is difficult. Many have lost family due to conflict. Many live with constant domestic abuse. And more don’t finish their education. 90% of Burundians rely on agriculture for income but there’s little productive land. There’s a massive shortage of work and so many face long-term unemployment.

We can’t erase their past. But we can change their future.

Thanks to the generosity of kind people like you, our programmes in Burundi have already helped 16,000 young people.

We have been able to set up 800 self-help groups which bring together young Burundians from a variety of backgrounds to learn life, business and agricultural skills. They help young people unlock their potential and build a positive and prosperous future.

Without donations, this work wouldn’t be possible.

Meet Etienne, just one young person who has benefitted from these groups

Support from kind people like you has allowed this project to continue. A gift to our appeal will mean we can unlock a positive future for so many more young people in Burundi.