Feel good and do good 

Help the victims of conflict get vital psychological support  

Burundi is a small country in east Africa with a history of war and conflict. Years of violence have left people in extreme poverty and communities divided. Many face a daily struggle for food, water and healthcare. Life expectancy is only 50 years. People carry psychological wounds. They live with severe depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

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Bring hope and healing to hurting people 

Cord is supporting the most vulnerable people in Burundi, providing practical help and psychological treatment. This includes those who have suffered most, those on the margins of society, the disabled, women, children, and victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. With your help we can reach more people and enable them to turn their lives around. 

Help people like Ndikumana

She suffered discrimination, prejudice, was forced to flee from her home, lived as a refugee in terrible conditions, had her life threatened, was deserted by her husband – the list of tragedies goes on. And yet, this amazingly brave woman was able to turn her life around with help from Cord: 

“This project helped me to be self confident, I am no longer afraid of others due to my dwarfism. It has changed my life in the way I now consider my self worth. Now the image I have about myself is different from the image I had before this project came. I trust myself and I see that I am a human being like anyone else, I have self esteem…” 

Read her story here.

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The impact of your gift 

£5 provides food for those attending psychological support sessions and workshops. Over half the population suffer with mental health disorders. These sessions help to raise awareness and ensure that the most vulnerable get the help they need. 

£10 buys resources, like picture books, to help young people process their trauma. In safe spaces they can discuss Burundi’s difficult past and develop their understanding. It’s a huge step in the healing process. 

£50 pays for someone to attend psychological support group sessions. This kind of work not only helps individuals, but leads to reconciliation and understanding between different groups within a community.