Cord had its beginnings in the vicarage of St Mary's Church, Leamington Spa. In 1967, a group of committed Christians prayed about the terrible conditions witnessed on TV in war torn Vietnam. They made a decision that if they could rescue just one child, then that is what they would do. It proved to be extremely challenging, but they were convinced that if the Lord wanted them to do this, then it would be possible.

And so Cord evolved.

I became a member of that Church in the early 70's and was fascinated by the faith and love, underpinned by prayer, that I found amongst the congregation. Later on, as a childminder of school aged children, I remember myself, two daughters, and a group of children sitting round our large dining room table, collating the sheets of Cord's newsletters, which were then boxed up and returned to Cord's office for stapling.

Being a member of St Mary's Church for over 30 years and working for Cord for 15 years part time, was truly inspirational and shaped my life and made me who I have become. Perhaps you can see why I want to leave a legacy to Cord, it just seems natural.