paul whyte

I am running the Great North Run in aid of Cord, to raise money that will contribute to helping communities in conflict or post conflict situations to work together to create a better future.

Cord is an international organisation inspired by the Christian message of fairness and peace.

Cord believe that a peaceful society is one in which every individual has the opportunity to realise his or her potential to have a full life, and Cord dream of a world in which every individual enjoys the dignity of fair treatment and the hope of a more positive future.

Cord work in conflict and post-conflict societies with people of all faiths and none to enable them to address and overcome the root causes of conflict.

Cord do this by helping communities to work together so that:

  • women and men have a better chance to earn a living
  • governments understand their people’s needs better
  • families can invest in their future and send children to school

Over almost 50 years, Cord and their partners have empowered people and their governments to work together to heal past wounds and promote present well-being.

For Cord, every opportunity to have dignity and hope is a success, and every dream is a step on the road to lasting peace.

paul whyte