Debs Miles

I will be running 2 big races this year- the Southampton half marathon in April and then the Great North Run in September.

The Southampton half takes place almost exactly 10 years after I had my first operation. What happened then has changed almost every aspect of my life, and how I thought it would be. But throughout I have been surrounded by family, friends and a healthcare system that has meant that I have always been able to look to the future.

I am the luckiest slightly unlucky person I know. These 2 half marathons are partly me being selfish and celebrating 10 years and the end of that chapter.

I also want to raise money for this great organisation and it's work for women, because every girl and woman counts.

Just a little message to the many offshoots of the Miles family- please don't feel you have to sponsor me as well as the awesome Heslops (I'm running with my sister and her friend)......

Debs Miles