We’d like you to get sponsored to do something really fun, funny or out of the ordinary to raise funds for Cord!

We've come up with some ideas to get you started! You might want to pick one of the ideas below or maybe you’ll think of something even better.

Give It Up!

Get sponsored to go without something you really love for a week or longer. It could be something you eat or drink or watch or listen to or do! Could it be your phone? Netflix? Sleeping in your bed? Coffee? Tea? Cake? Hot meals?

Sponsored Shave!

Is it time to shave off those lockdown locks or maybe that caveman beard? Could someone video your hair being chopped on Face Book live or could you post the video for added entertainment / donations?

Get Active (or the opposite)!

Could you get sponsored to do a stair-climb challenge, walk, dance, house-tidy, paint, weed, bake, dance, trampoline, run or bike-ride? Or, maybe the opposite appeals! How about a sponsored read, sit, jig-saw or silence?

Fun Fancy Dress!

Either on your own or with your family and friends, get sponsored to wear a fancy-dress outfit for the whole day - whatever you're doing.

The Cat-Walk!

Get sponsored to take your cat for a walk. See how long you can spend persuading your feline friend to come with you. Maybe commit to a half hour attempt. Film it or take photos! Or can you think of another creative pet-based challenge?

Singing Superstar!

Are you a talented musician or singer (or at least enthusiastic?) Take requests from friends and family. You play, they pay! Broadcast on social media, videocall your loved one or pop round to socially distance serenade them.

It is easy to get started...

Just email our friendly Fundraising Team on [email protected] and let us know what you'd like to do!

We will help you set up an online giving page or send you some sponsorship forms, we can help you with ideas of how to fundraise and share with your contacts, and we will advertise your challenge to other friends and supporters of Cord.

Then all that's left is to HAVE FUN!