Charities need funds to carry out their work. It's the simple truth that, without money, we can't do the work that we do. That's why we need people like you to donate to us (whatever you can...and every penny counts) - and also to help us to fund raise in a wider context. Fund raising is not always about directly asking people for a contribution - in many cases, it's just about talking...sharing what you know about us with your friends and colleagues. We believe our work will inspire people - and that they will be led to find out more and support us themselves. Please share our Facebook posts, our newsletter; talk about us to anyone and really does make a difference!

Sometimes, people believe that their contribution won't make a difference. They struggle to see how an amount could really make an impact. For that reason, we've created our list of amounts of money, that are not major in the context of our own society, but that can achieve a huge amount in the societies with which we work. 

2.6 billion people across the world don't have somewhere safe to go to the toilet.
£8 will provide a safe water supply for one person.
£40 will buy a solar cooker that will help to feed a family, protect girls from the dangers of collecting firewood and relieve tensions with local communities who compete for resources.

£60 will buy a toilet that can be used by a community or a class of school children.

£65 will train a teacher in peace education - enabling them to work with students and mentor communities, impacting on thousands of lives.

We cannot emphasis enough how small amounts in the context of our society, can be life changing amounts to communities across the world.