Rights without violence 

As a result of country conflict, abuse of authority and political and economic self-interest, individual human rights are often one of the first violations. Freedom of speech, sexual discrimination and unlawful punishments create fear, with many having to choose between silence or violence.

In all the countries where we work, protecting and promoting human rights is paramount.

In protecting human rights, people must first expect them because only then can they learn about what is and is not acceptable. As well as developing diplomacy, organisational and negotiation skills to peacefully challenge violations and organise groups to create solutions (for their own, and wider, communities).

We create opportunities for those who are excluded to work with those that exclude, in peaceful and productive ways. Right across our programmes, human rights plays a huge part in creating sustainable peace. Inclusion is key and you’ll see this as a running theme throughout our work.

Our current Strengthening Defence of Human Rights (SDHR) in Cambodia, part funded by the EU Commission, is an excellent example of our work with details on how we helped changed Mom Sakin's life (above).