There are many sensitive issues in many societies. Long held beliefs, historical conflicts and ongoing imbalance of ideals leads to discrimination, violence and, often, huge loss of life. This is not an easy task to address.

The main route that needs to be adopted is empathy; without it, we are simply 'taking sides' and fanning the flames of animosity. We listen - to all sides and all issues. We look at how these would be perceived in the context of developed societies , but also remain sensitive to the cultural differences that may impact on the outcome.

We work at all levels - from individuals and communities, right through to governments. We gain the trust of both sides and advocate for peace, helping all parties to find a place of common ground, a space where violence can end and peaceful discussion can begin.

We don't claim to have all the answers - but we do help those involved to start asking the right questions, and listening to one another as they begin to work out the answers for themselves.