In 2017, Etienne joined the Tujehamwe self-help group which Cord and our local partners set up.

Before he joined the group, Etienne's life was unimaginably hard. At just twenty-one, he was no stranger to poverty, violence and fear.

He has never known his father. His mother is physically disabled, unable to work and relies on her son for care. Etienne didn’t think that life could get any worse. Then, three years ago he was in a traffic accident and his right leg had to be amputated.

I had little hope of life. The only hope I had was to wait for people to take pity on me and give me food to eat and clothes to wear.

Cord is committed to taking the slow road to change, addressing the root causes of problems and supporting sustainable change and growth. Through projects like this in Burundi, we support people like Etienne over five years.

Since joining the group, Etienne has learnt life, business and agriculture skills. He's made connections with like-minded people who can discuss challenges and look for solutions.

Straightaway, I felt able to change my life.

Please give what you can today so we can help more people like Etienne.