The people of Myanmar live in a country where their freedom is restricted, where there’s great ethnic diversity and violence, and great poverty. Human rights are at the forefront of our peacebuilding focus in Myanmar with our approach being to develop the way in which civil society can engage positively with the government.

Conflict is raw, with people struggling with the structure of their society. To aid in this, Cord works with businesses to identify key ways in which the economy might be developed through workshops and supporting Civil Society Organisations. By sharing ideas and listening to one another, business leaders take ownership of future plans and corporate responsibility begins to positively develop.

Short term aims:

  • See a voice for minorities increase.
  • See a reduction on gender-based violence.
  • Ceasefire agreements upheld and more regional groups signing them.

Longer term aims:

  • Less street violence.
  • Inclusion of ethnic minority partners in government at next elections.
  • Progress/prosecution against sex trafficking.