Natural disasters have devastating effects on communities. Drought, flood and earthquake are just some of the implications of climate change - and we need to strive to not only minimise the impact of these catastrophic events, but also make positive environmental changes for the future.

There is a very real link between environmental issues and conflict. Scarcity of natural resources can lead to violence and many conflicts are fought over the income from such natural resources, particularly in relation to timber or oil.

And all of this directly impacts on a families struggle to survive, as their environment is stripped of trees (so removing their only source of firewood and materials for building shelter), the land is overused and soil erosion and degradation occurs, in turn impacting on their ability to grow food.

We work with communities to help them understand the impact of environmental damage and give them techniques and skills for caring for their own local environment to help it to work for them. Such initiatives as energy saving stoves, tree and grass planting programmes help to rehabilitate the land - and our advocacy support helps ensure communities have a voice to defend and protect what they have helped to restore.