With your help, we’ve been able to build a better future for people in Burundi.

In Burundi, communities suffer because there is tension between different political and ethnic groups.

The tension often results in violent conflict and parts of society being marginalised. Our work focuses on the reasons for these tensions. We bring the different groups together. We help them to build relationships and work with one another. When there’s a desire for peace, a community can move forward and tackle its problems.

We wrote to you recently about Etienne who has benefited from our work in Burundi. We had a fantastic response to the appeal – thank you so much if you donated or prayed. We’d like to tell you a bit about the amazing impact your donations and support has had on individuals and communities in this country.


We bring groups of young people together to take part in activities which benefit the wider community.

Donations allow us to develop the knowledge and skills of young people in Burundi and we’ve seen this effectively put into practice.

Young people in one community noticed an elderly couple living in a house built of mud. They recognised the couple did not have the money, the skills or physical ability to do anything about it.

They came together to make a change.

The young people we have trained to be masons managed the work. They made the bricks and built a new house for the couple.

The family and neighbours could not believe the kindness and ability of these young people. They are so grateful for the work and those involved are proud of the difference they’ve been able to make.


We’re working to increase gender equality in Burundi through empowering young women.

In the Giharo Rutana group, one girl tells us that when she was the first to say that she wanted to be a welder, people laughed.

However, she has shown that its possible and proved that girls are capable of what may have previously been considered a ‘man’s job’.


During community meetings where decisions are made, young people are now called on to participate. They can share their views and are taken seriously. Equally, young people have more respect for authorities now they understand, and are involved in, their processes.

Thanks to your donations, we can continue these programmes. Investing in young people like this, is investing in the future of the country.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this appeal. We have raised a fantastic £8,073 so far.