The UN International Day of Happiness 2015 was celebrated on Friday 20th March and all our brilliant teams from Asia, Africa and the UK got involved.

We simply asked, "What makes you happy?"
Watch the video below to see our the answers and find out what they all have in common with our work...

  • Watching Spring arrive - Justine, UK
  • Going to the football with my kids - Gurdev, UK
  • Watching the latest movies - Menh, Cambodia
  • Creating new ideas for positive change, and enjoying a beer overlooking the River Meking with my husband - Rio, Loas
  • Telling my wife a funny story - Sarin, Cambodia
  • Being silly with my kids - Andy, UK
  • Reading bedtime stories - Becky, UK
  • Seeing my daughter show concern for others - Alex, Cambodia
  • Evening swimming - Serge, Burundi
  • Helping people achieve their personal goals - Kevin, Chad
  • A beautiful smile - Kerry, UK
  • Knowing God cares, sunshine and mountains - Mark, CEO
  • Reuniting familes, working for Peace, air conditioning - Cord Myanmar
  • Listening to music and working for peace  - Charlotte, Chad
  • Eating chocolate - Angie, UK
  • Helping those in need - Thavy, Cord Asia
  • Running - Bridget, UK
  • Respecting people's rights - Aline, Burundi

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