In June we unfortunately had to say a fond farewell to someone who so many of you will know very well.

Angie Archer has worked at Cord for over 30 years and has been a much-loved member of the team providing admin support and liaising with our supporters.

Angie is the person that most supporters have spoken to when phoning the office over many years. Her warmth, friendliness and encouragement are things that we all appreciate so much.

As a result of the changing needs of Cord and the environment in which Cord operates, after prayerful consideration, it was necessary to implement a restructure in the UK staff team and the decision was made to discontinue Angie’s role.

We are so grateful for the incredible service that Angie has given to Cord over so many years and the way that we have been able look after Angie as she moves on from Cord is a reflection of that gratitude and Cord’s Christian ethos.

We are happy to share that Angie will be staying in contact and volunteering with Cord going forward so you may well see her pop up from time to time!

In spite of the Coronavirus restrictions, the staff team were able to present Angie with various gifts during her last week in post to convey our thanks. However, we were unable to have a meal together to properly celebrate Angie’s service so we’ll be doing this as soon as we’re able to.

In order to recognise Angie’s contributions to Cord we would like to create a special card of thanks and we’d love you, our supporters, to send in your memories and messages of thanks to be included in it.

If you’d like to contribute please do write to us at the usual address or send a message to [email protected] – we’d love to include your message!

From now on, when you call Cord’s office, you’ll be speaking to Julia or Nick who together form our Fundraising Team.

Whilst they have a tough act to follow in recreating Angie’s warmth and welcome, they’ll be delighted to speak to you and hear about your support of Cord!