Since Claudette’s father sadly died in 2001, she has been helping her mother with chores around the home. Her hope of attending university now seems unrealistic.

She is 25 and full of talent, initiative and determination.

Claudette is involved in our Building Bridges in Burundi Project and tells us how this has improved her life…

“With the project, I have been given the opportunity to train and join a network that helps me to develop my entrepreneurial skills. I have a small business selling rice, cassava flour and soap. Sometimes I work as a stonemason and I am paid for the amount of time I work”.

Claudette feels the benefit on a personal level and on her community as a whole.

Her community has been through difficult times, with episodes of violence and sexual assaults where no justice was seen for the victims. However, this is beginning to change.

She says that “thanks to the teaching of Ubuntu values by the project, people are aware of their responsibilities and more willing to respect one another.”

Local authorities are becoming more accountable, giving reports of meetings and how they are using their budgets.

Claudette tells us that her family are so happy with the huge positive impact the project has had on her life and she says “I am confident that when the project ends, we will be able to continue to work together as a self-help group thanks to the training and lessons we have learned.”

Through Cord’s Building Bridges in Burundi Project, young people will be able to develop their skills through self-help groups and to access capital in order to start their own income generating projects.

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