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A Sense of Pride 

They say that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ and I think that phrase well describes the efforts of our staff, partners and supporters over the past year. Under incredibly difficult and uncertain conditions, Cord staff and partners have worked tirelessly to keep pursuing greater freedoms for the communities we support. When human rights defenders haven’t been able to travel, we’ve adapted to use new technologies and explored new ways of equipping people, and when partners have been struggling, we’ve provided moral support and encouragement.  


It is with a great sense of pride that I look back at what we have achieved together over the past year. Having a team that is passionate about seeing real change and breakthrough is so key to Cord’s values and our success and I’m delighted you can read in this magazine about my colleague Somphone and his passion for Laos (pg 12). 


Similarly, when we have called on our supporters over the past year you have faithfully and powerfully answered that call. With your incredible support we were able to raise over £40,000 during December’s Big Give campaign which was the most we have ever raised. When Myanmar experienced a military coup on the 1st February and we launched the ‘March for Myanmar’ campaign to mobilise prayer, solidarity and money to continue our work, we were blown away by the response and people’s generosity. You can read more about that response on pg 4. 


There isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t come across another story of the generosity of Cord supporters. Last week I heard about a supporter whose shopping was paid for by a complete stranger as the card payment wouldn’t work so instead of pocketing the money they gave the cost of their shopping to Cord, a brilliant case of being blessed to be a blessing to others! 


As we look at the changes in the world around us, the value of this incredible support cannot be overstated. With UK Government Overseas Development Aid (ODA) reducing by over £4bn per year, and the anticipated recession that will follow the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that your support in helping Cord sustain and continue our work is more valuable than ever before. Throughout this edition of Connect you will see a number of different ways to get involved and support Cord, please do consider these and see how you can continue to help us change lives around the world. 


With incredible gratitude and thanks 

Andy Pask 

Chief Executive Officer 

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