“I am able to provide enough food for my family. When my children have eaten enough, they play football. That makes me happy.”

The Batwa in Burundi are an ethnic minority that represent just 1% of the population. They face discrimination and stigmatisation and, faced with abject poverty, often turn to petty crime to survive.

Beatrice is 45 and is married with six children. She experienced conflict at home with her husband, and also in her community. Beatrice and her family faced discrimination, neighbours would not cooperate with them and disputes would often escalate into violence.

With support from Cord, she is actively transforming the future of her family. It started with help to establish a banana plantation but real change is happening quickly and in every aspect of their lives.

So far, the income she has secured has meant that her family has a better home. And now that the family’s food and housing needs are secured, she has been able to regain some personal dignity, she can afford soap and clean clothes.

Beatrice’s relationship with her husband has also improved. She was sad that their previous existence meant they had very little and she had to deny the family many things which caused difficulties. With both husband and wife both contributing to the family income, there is now less pressure.

And peaceful relationships have extended beyond her home, too. Beatrice remarked that there are no longer any problems with their neighbours – that they now co-operate with one another and differences can be resolved. “When we are visiting neighbours, I can bring a little gift, which makes me confident.”

Maybe best of all for Beatrice is her hope for the future. She has seen how her children have engaged with school and is confident that they will continue to grow and develop now that their future is secure.

For families like Beatrice’s, it has meant freedom from stigma and prejudice, and the trauma these bring. Restoration between families and communities, enables them to live and work peacefully and productively together.