Making changes for women, we'll #MakeItHappen

One billion women around the world will suffer domestic violence in their life. 
That’s the population of Europe and North America put together and the equivalent of one in three women.

For International Women's Day 2015 and in the year of Action2015 we're shining a spotlight on our One In Three appeal under the international campaign #MakeItHappen. Watch Khut's story below to find out we helped give her the confidence to escape a life where she was beaten by her husband and attempted suicide numerous times. 

1 billion women around the world will suffer domestic violence in their life. 

Widespread and ongoing violence against women occurs when societies accept this form of behaviour. 

In Africa and Asia, we are working with our partners to change that – for good. 

At cord, we believe that a woman should live free from fear 
To understanding their human rights and have those rights protected by society.

We believe that a woman should be empowered
To learn skills, to have an education, to be able to support herself and her family independently.

We believe that a woman should have a support network
Have a safe place to go if she is frightened, and other women to counsel and support her through these times.

Our learnings and actions about gender equality
Where men and women are seen in different contexts; men are often valued more highly. History in many cultures, including Western ones, has shown the oppression of women; who are undervalued, subservient and of less consequence than men. At Cord, we're continually promoting gender equality and educating about individual's rights through our support programes.

This is why we're joining with other NGOs this year under the Action 2015 movement to influence global leaders to help 'achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls' (Goal number 5 out of 17). You can read more from our CEO Mark here. 

Equality breeds opportunity, innovation, tolerance and peace.
With all of these things come economic development, stability and hope. 

How you can help

Spread the word
Tell others about the plight of women in Africa and Asia. Raise awareness, talk about the issues on social media; share our blog posts and videos. Keep an eye out for our part in another international campaign Action 2015 - Read our CEO's blog here

Donate £10
Just £10 can give a woman a future free from fear – teaching her about her human rights and giving her a safe place to go when she feels threatened. Donate online now.

Fundraise or volunteer for us
Hold a coffee morning, make cakes, run a marathon (or just run round the local park), or join a sponsored event – you can have your very own fundraising page on our website and all your friends can see your progress and offer support. Contact us for more information.

International Women’s Day is a celebration, the triumph of hope over oppression – but it’s also a time that, one day, we hope to celebrate with ALL women living free from fear. Until that day, we’ll work tirelessly with the women who need us – taking the message of peace and opportunity to where they are today, with the hope of a brighter tomorrow.