Many of us are passionate about being good stewards of our resources, thinking and praying carefully about how we spend our money and which causes we give to. However, very few of us leave a gift in our Will. According to research by the Institute of Fundraising, around 75% of people in the UK give regularly to good causes but only 7% leave a gift in their Will. Research conducted by the Church of England found that of 80% of people who give regularly to their church, only 20% leave a legacy gift.

Of course, for the majority of us, taking care of family and friends will be the overriding priority when making a Will. But, when those nearest and dearest to us are provided for, even a 1% gift of your estate could have a dramatic impact on the mission and ministry of your church or the work of Cord.

We might sometimes associate legacy gifts with people who can afford to leave vast sums. In reality, it is the combined giving of ordinary people that has a consistent and powerful impact. Whether we regard ourselves as being particularly wealthy or not, the decisions we make about what happens to our estate when we are no longer here, are often the most significant financial decisions we’ll ever make.

In 1967 a group of Christians were compelled to help those suffering from the impact of the Vietnam War. Their prayers, compassion, determination and action began to impact the lives of people suffering from conflict and violence around the world. From this small beginning in St Mary’s Church in Leamington Spa, Cord’s work began to reach around the world.

The legacy of those faithful Christians is Cord’s mission today – working to make peace a reality where people don’t have the freedom to exercise their rights. Theirs is a legacy of peace and it could be your legacy too.

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